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Do You Know the Principle of the Floating Pen?

Apr 14,2023 | Leochoice

The Principle of the Floating Pen

It is based on the floating and sinking conditions of an object. Since the density of the pencil is less than that of water, it will float on the water surface when it is still. To use the floating pen, you can directly write on a glass container, and then slowly pour water into the container. The writing will float up due to its lower density compared to water.

If an object with a density higher than water floats on the water, it is due to surface tension, and it will sink with a slight touch. The ink of the floating pen is intentionally formulated with a stripping agent that reduces adhesion. When the ink is written on the surface, the solvent volatilizes, and the stripping agent can isolate the colored handwriting and the writing surface. This prevents the handwriting from bonding to the surface, allowing it to float in water or be easily wiped off with a paper towel.

The floating pen is the most popular stationery among students, and its appearance has changed the use mode of stationery. Using the floating pen in the correct way can allow you to deal with various text problems more reasonably, conveniently and quickly, and avoid distress.

How to Use the Floating Pen Correctly?

First, use the correct model of floating pen. When selecting a floating pen, choose a floating pen with bright colors, fine tip, high resolution, and good quality. Some floating pens are prone to smudging and weak wettability after being used for a long time, which affects the rendering effect of text, so be sure to choose high-quality floating pens.

Second, follow the correct procedure for using the floating pen. If you want to add a floating pen to the text, don't use the floating pen to "paint" the text like a paintbrush, but gently touch the floating brush on the text without too much force, which can enhance the original ordinary text into beautiful The effect of the text will not appear visually disconnected.

Finally, the maintenance of the floating pen should be strengthened. After each use of the floating pen, it should be disassembled promptly and wiped clean with a clean rag, and put it in a dry storage box or box to prolong its service life. In short, the correct use of the floating pen can not only help to improve the beauty of the text, but also prolong the service life of the floating pen. Therefore, we must use it correctly when using the floating pen in order to enjoy the convenience it brings.